Raphaèle Preisinger

Dr. Raphaèle Preisinger

Universität Zürich (october 2020)

postdoc project : The Virgin of Guadalupe, the Eagle and the Cactus: (Re)tracing the Origins of a Criollo Nationalist Symbol


While Preisinger main­tains a major focus on image and piety in the Middle Ages, her current research centers on the global circulation of images and objects in the Early Modern period. She is currently Assistant Professor (UZH-Förderungsprofessur) at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and Principal Investigator of the research project “Global Economies of Salvation. Art and the Negotiation of Sanctity in the Early Modern Period” funded by the ERC (Starting Grant) and the SNSF (PRIMA Grant).


La photo montre Raphaèle Preisinger

Dr. Raphaèle Preisinger