Measures to Promote Equality

Measures to Promote Equality within the Max Weber Foundation / Objectives for of the DFK Paris, 2014–2017.

  1. The DFK Paris has appointed a contact person for matters relating to the balance between work and family life. In this connection, the institute has established structures allowing for flexible working hours if needed (e.g. in the case of illness, dependent family member, childcare issues).2

  2. Employees wishing to benefit from training to improve their qualifications receive active support. Needs are determined during yearly interviews with superiors. 

  3. For work-related travel, training, or other professional obligations, childcare costs may be reimbursed in specific cases.  

  4. The DFK Paris understands that employees are faced with challenges related not only to work-life balance, but also to other family configurations (e.g. long-distance relationships or marriages, same-sex relationships) that may not be represented by interest groups. The DFK Paris endeavors to meet their needs as much as possible.


Equal Opportunities Officers of the Max Weber Foundation:

Katharina Kolb

Katharina Kolb, M.A.

Head of Public Relations
Phone +33 (0)1 42 60 32 36